Bread, Milk & Car Insurance

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Bread, Milk & Car Insurance With increased competition between supermarkets to gain market share and improve profitability, the range of products on offer is getting ever diverse. Now, the big three chains, Tesco, Sainsbury¡¯s and Asda have caught on to the fact that their brand name can sell just about anything, including of all things, car insurance.

Car insurance is one of those very boring expensive products that you loathe having to pay for but have no choice if you want to drive a car on Britain¡¯s roads. Why therefore would supermarkets want to be associated with such a seemingly expensive pain in the pocket?

Tesco for example seem to be incredibly successful in selling motor insurance to their customers with statements proclaiming that you could save up to ?150 compared to some leading insurers. Tesco of course is not an insurer. If you look closely at the bottom of the Tesco car insurance webpage, you will notice it says that the policy is provided and underwritten by a company called UK Insurance Limited.