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Open enrollment for 2018 health plans is over. Unless you qualify for a special enrollment period, you are unable to obtain an individual insurance policy until open enrollment begins in November 2018 for 2019 coverage. If you want to buy individual or family health insurancefor 2018, now is .

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period to buy an individual and family health plan is closed, unless you qualify for Apple Health ( or a special enrollment period. The 2019 annual open enrollment period will occur Nov. 1, 2018 through Dec. 15, 2018 for coverage to take effect Jan. 1, 2019.
ffordability to the unserved millions.

The exponential increase in coverage of health insurance from the previous Rs 30000 (under RSBY) is a significant boost to ensure health access and affordability to the unserved millions.
Medicaid may be eligible to ...

 state have an exchange where consumers can buy individual health insurance policies. In Ohio, the federal government runs the health insuranceexchange. Ohioans who do not have health insurance through their employer, Medicare or Medicaid may be eligible to ...
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